Every SECOND counts. If you suspect meningitis, GET MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. Call or see your doctor / Call an ambulance / Get to a hospital.

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Meningitis and Septicaemia can often result in tragic death, deafness, loss of limbs, brain damage or other neurological disabilities. Sadly, those most affected include infants, adolescents and young adults. Many New Zealanders do not realise that some forms of meningitis are preventable through vaccination, or that early detection and prompt medical attention are the key to successful diagnosis and outcomes. 

The Meningitis Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand was established by a group of passionate individuals committed to actively reducing and preventing meningitis in New Zealand. We have partnered with the Middlemore Foundation for Health Innovation, who administer donations on our behalf and are able to issue receipts for taxation purposes. The Middlemore Foundation for Health Innovation specifically tag incoming donations for the Meningitis Foundation when MENINGITIS is used as a reference at the time of bank deposit or in the accompanying cover letter.  

Seeking to promote the prevention, control and awareness of meningitis, The Foundation is involved in awareness-raising and education activities within the community, and with health and education professionals. The scope of the work is centred on communication and advocacy, with a firm focus on improving access to vaccines in order to save lives.

While the Meningitis Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand does not provide individual patient support, it does provide an opportunity for families affected by meningitis and septicaemia to connect with each other, and to share their stories to help others by raising community awareness about the disease. Click here to share your story.

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Disclaimer - The Meningitis Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand promotes the prevention, control and awareness of meningitis. It is not a professional medical authority. The text on this website provides general information about meningitis and septicaemia, not medical advice. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of these diseases. Please consult your doctor to discuss the information or if you are concerned someone may be ill.

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